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“Communications for better marketing”

Infotech works with its clients to communicate with customers, prospects, the media, business alliances, industry analysts, government and special interest groups in industry, commerce or the community.

Clients engage Infotech when they are looking for a consultancy that understands the issues of business-to-business marketing and one that is able to recommend strategies and provide services that are realistic and achievable, within the parameters of time and budget.

While the word ‘infotech’ has come to be short-hand for ‘information technology’ it also means ‘information about technology’.

And that’s what Infotech Marketing is really all about – helping communicate information about products and services which typically involve technology, either in its own right, or as a platform, in a way that the intended audience will clearly understand


Building better communications for better marketing

Building Better Communications
We help our clients determine what they want to say and the best means by which to say it.

Then we help them to say it, whether it’s through a media announcement, advertising, direct marketing, a brochure, a product launch, customer conference or media briefing.

Why do our clients want better communications

Better Communications

For organisations marketing and supporting technology-based products in today’s complex commercial and industrial environment, a pre-requisite to survival and growth is to be effectively seen and heard.



Getting the chemistry right 

Getting the Chemistry Right

Our clients are typically medium to small organisations whose owners and managers value marketing communications. They view Infotech as an extension of their own team.

Tales from the Trenches

Tales from the Trenches

Our clients appreciate the flexibility of being able to outsource some or all of their marketing and communications responsibilities to Infotech, or simply to engage our services for a specific project.





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